DELPIN: In the silence of the colors - Nicola Cossar - 2015

In that rich company of paintings of every age and size, I saw the windows that Delpin knows how to leave ajar, open wide, close a little between us and him, at the fine line of the soul. Like those who visit this personal exhibit inside the house of that extraordinary friend of art and artists that is and will always be Maristella, The Lady of the Loggia, I saw the roots of his painting forged by the chromatic sweetness of his father Francesco, unforgettable master of watercolor, and from the strict teaching of Paride Castellan, Virgilian guide of the young Dario. The peasant roots pulse tenacious in those studies of interiors where the furnishings speak through the poor materials which they are made of, dirty of life, witnesses of an as rough as sincere culture, as essential as religiously clinging to the sacredness of the symbols. First of all, in Friuli like elsewhere, the bread that our grandmothers kissed before putting it back inside the wardrobe, good for another day, precious trusted servant for another battle of dignified survival.

And among the many windows that, with a sure stroke, his brush opens us, we see a really surprising one in its duality. It’s the libraries: not abstract or imaginary ones, but precisely those in front of the atelier in Versa. Libraries as a unique portrait, certainly, but also and above all as a style and paradigm of a courageous and original human and pictorial journey: in these... pictures taken with the heart there are the backs of the most loved books, postcards of his favorite artists, details that reveal an emotion, a story. An existence in all its seasons, adventure after adventure.

Now it begins yours.

Nicola Cossar     


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